Identify and Expand Current Business
We truly believe in the value of spending the first 90 days meeting your current customers (both distributors & operators):
  1. Schedule meetings with current top customers & discuss opportunities.
  2. Introduce new products.
  3. Schedule distributor training where appropriate.
  4. Develop and present new/unique menu ideations to operators.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Penetrate Top PSM Customers
The final step is the execution of a winning sales plan with PSM:
  1. Acquisition & penetration of top PSM customers.
  2. We are OBJECTIVE based, not activity based.
  3. We believe in the value of having decision makers actually sample and taste the products. 
  4. Our sales staff focuses on high quality volume accounts to drive sales.

Mission Statement

To empower one another's entrepreneurial spirit so that we can collectively provide value for those we service.

Vision Statement

To set the standard for foodservice brokerages in the West.
Build the Winning Sales Plan
The Southern California foodservice market area has a diverse population base exceeding 22 million people. Our winning sales plans begin with:
  1. Training- Our experienced team is trained regarding the features, benefits, & application of your product line.
  2. Marketing - What market segments best drive your business plan? What marketing materials are most appropriate and why?
  3. Customers - Discuss current customers & bestselling products, identify areas of growth, & determine challenges.
  4. Execute - Set quarterly goals, collect market knowledge, & sell with confidence.
Nick Portillo - Partner
Nick brings a unique, Millennial perspective to an industry that has gone so long without. He is a people first kind-of-guy and an intense entrepreneur at heart. His day-to-day consists of client management, seeing customers, and working closely with distributors. Nick is also a graduate of the Argyros School of Business and Economics at Chapman University, where he received his recent Bachelors of Science in International Business.